Strong. Sustainable. Infrastructure.

Who We Are

Titanium Forest, LLC (TiFo) is an Information Technology consultancy focused on helping our clients deploy computing infrastructure and related services for maximum return on investment.

What We Do


It is just a fancy word for the stuff that helps other stuff work. Just like infrastructure in the physical world — highways, bridges, railroad tracks,  water systems, or the electric grid — computing infrastructure sits in the background, hardly noticed by most. However, when these components are designed poorly or fail, transport, commerce and life’s basic comforts cease to exist.

How We Are Different

We know that there is no such thing as one size fits all and pride ourselves in designing the right solution that fits our clients' business requirements, culture, and budget.

We are not VARs and thus have no allegiance to a fixed set of vendors or products. Our quest is to do what is right for our clients, so we do what is necessary to develop solutions to solve each client's unique challenges.